CMWG: Meeting notes 2023 (Archived)

Date: 19/Apr/2023
Attendees: 18

Please feel free to add or update this post if anything is missing or not accurately captured.

  • Housekeeping time - use ANU Zoom for future meetings so they can be recorded

  • Plan is to put agenda and notes onto the Hive

  • Overview of aims

  • Presentation of some practical things

  • Introductions

    • Kelsey - the ACCESS-NRI liaison for this WG
    • Dave - ice/ocean modelling, cavity and small-scale are areas of interest
    • Ben - user of model data
    • Paul - from UTAS/IMAS, ice sheeting modelling, process oriented glacial specific modeller, interested in bridging with larger scale applications
    • Chen Zhao - coupled modeller, interested in large scale ice sheet modelling
    • Rich - Monash, is interested in all things ice sheets, coming from paleo perspective
    • John -
    • Alex - AAPP, interested in fast ice and dense water formation.
    • Lawrence - working PhD with Felicity and Rich, interested in shorter scale time scale processes in east Antarctica
    • Nzie - interested generally about the area
    • Andrew Kiss - ANU, part of the COSIMA community and working on ACCESS-OM3, interested in building bridges between communities
    • Siobhan - CSIRO, is interested in coupling of ice sheets with coupled models and interested in fast ice and icebergs
    • Yu Wang - AAPP, PhD student interested in subglacial and coupling with models
    • Xiaotian - postdoc at U. Wollongong, working on spatial statistics and looking at Antarctic glaciers
    • Pat - postdoc at AAPP, sea ice geochemist working on fast ice, interested in ice shelf and cavity interactions, and ecology on top of the ice sheets
    • Johanna - postdoc at Monash working on climate variability on ice sheets, interested in ice/ocean interactions, worked previously on PRISM and Greenland ice sheets.
    • Felicity - research fellow at Monash and part of SAFE and uses process based studies and physics of flow, linking to larger scale of climate and ice mass loss
    • Ben - principal scientist, Australian Antarctic Division and interested in porting knowledge from process studies into Australian coupled models and link to regional ocean and ice modelling
  • WG ToRs

    • Compute/storage resources will be available to the WG, more details to come. Encourage WG to use the Hive to share suggestions on how the WG could use these resources. Reach out to Ben and Felicity if anyone could make use of compute now - WG has a project in place now at NCI.
    • Meeting frequency - thinking every 4-6 weeks online and meeting 1-2/yr, maybe more frequent as starting out
      • Andrew Kiss - sharing example from COSIMA, meets weekly and holds a science talk
      • Topic for future - chat more about this
      • Paul - would be interesting to have science talks, would be cool to see what others are working on, get idea of the technical differences, demonstration or problem that has been solved. Could be nice way to dedicate a portion of the meeting.
      • Brief science talks could be really helpful
  • Overview of the WG mission and scope

    • Siobhan - question on ‘snow’ and ‘permafrost’ in the scope
    • Andrew - important to make sure to identify the key things of interest and make sure in scope, and okay to have some blurriness between other WGs
    • Overlap helps strengthen ties between the WGs
    • Subglacial hydrology and solid earth, not included but will be important to the dynamics - maybe we add some of these?
    • There are some discussions and linkages with AuScope for the solid earth area
    • Perhaps start a topic on the Hive to chat more on this, can develop over time
  • Near-term objectives

    • ACCESS Community Workshop
    • Could the Integrated Earth Workshop is also being held in Canberra the following week?
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