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Sharing Ben’s (@bgf) recent post about the first Cryosphere meeting on the announcements topic:

Please come along to the first Cryosphere Community Working Group meeting, to be held online at 1600 on 19 April 2023.

Meeting link: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Date: 19 April 2023 @ 1600

• Welcome and acknowledgment
• Practical things: website and Hive for interaction
• Round table introductions
• Presentation of draft mission statement for discussion
• Near-term objectives and key activities
• Next steps

FYI - seminar on Monday re. ice sheet dynamics

Dear all,

Please join us for a Mathematical Modelling of Fluid Mechanics seminar on Monday 15th May at 4.30pm (Sydney/Melbourne time).

We are delighted to have Dr Katarzyna Kowal (University of Glasgow) giving a talk on Thin-film flows: why substrates matter. Abstract below. Zoom link.

If you haven’t already, you can join the seminar series mailing list here. And please forward this email to any of your students or colleagues who would be interested.

Best wishes,

Ed Hinton

(on behalf of the organisers)

Thin-film flows: why substrates matter

Dr Katarzyna Kowal (University of Glasgow)

Thin-film flows are ubiquitous in nature and industry, with a range of geophysical, environmental and industrial applications. Many of these exhibit vastly different dynamics when spreading over different substrates. Examples include the dynamics of large-scale ice sheets, which flow orders of magnitude faster when lubricated from below, and a range of flows over hydrophobic surfaces, which promote drag reduction. In this talk, we will examine the role of the substrate, specifically how well it is lubricated and how it deforms, on the flow of an overlying thin film of viscous fluid, and relate our findings to the flow of ice sheets and the geophysical features that form as a result. A particularly intriguing feature involves the formation of so-called grounding zone wedges, or accumulations of soft, subglacial till in ice-sheet grounding zones, separating ice sheets that are grounded over bedrock from freely floating ice shelves.

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Hi all,

The next Cryosphere Working Group meeting will be held on 31-May from 10.30-11.30a. Meeting details below.


WHEN: 31 May, 10:30-11:30 (recurring every 6 weeks)
(If you would like to subscribe to the WG calendar, see below)

ZOOM link: Launch Meeting - Zoom


  • Welcome, 2 minutes
  • Science Talk 15 minutes: Yu Wang (UTAS): Parameterization Solutions for Basal Melting at the Grounding Line in Ice flow Models
  • Science Talk 15 minutes: Johanna Beckmann (Monash): Greenland Ice Sheet: dynamics, processes & projections
  • Hackathon plans, 5 minutes: possibly in july/August: Topics of interest?
  • ACCESS-NRI update, 5 minutes
  • Future steps, 5 minutes
  • Any other business

Notes/minutes from the last meeting are now on the forum.

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Reminder: Next Cryosphere Working Group meeting is ON tomorrow (31-May 1030-1130 AEST). Meeting details and agenda can be found here.

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