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:mega: :mega: The Ice Sheet Model (ISM) Community Assessment is now open :mega: :mega:

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The aim is to assess the three shortlisted ice sheet models (ISMs) against the primary objective of coupling an ISM of Antarctica and Greenland into ACCESS: which is to improve decadal- to centennial-scale projections of global mean and regional sea level and climate change.

Assessors will be given the grading table/rubric (ISM Grading Table), along with summaries from each of the three shortlisted ISMs. Each of these ISMs have already been assessed against the essential criteria below, and satisfy them.

Assessors will be asked to provide a score between 1 and 5 (no half marks). A score of 1 means that the ISM meets the standards in the β€œPoor Score”; a score of 5 means that the ISM meets all of the standards in the definition. Scores between 1 and 5 should be given if some, but not all, of the standards are met; i.e. the ISM sits somewhere between poor and excellent for the given criterion. Assessors performing the ranking have the flexibility to decide on what score between 1 and 5 the ISM is awarded for each criterion. Assessors will be asked to provide a justification for each response (free text).

The Community Assessment will remain open until: 09 May 11.59p

Shortlisted ISMs (links to background documentation)

  1. Elmer/Ice (Elmer/Ice Summary, PDF)
  2. ISSM (ISSM Summary, PDF)
  3. IcePack (IcePack Summary, PDF)


  • All candidate models shortlisted necessarily satisfy the essential criterion of being mass and energy conserving; hence, we have excluded that criterion from the table above
  • None of the candidate models shortlisted satisfy the desirable criterion of standardisation in variable names and units. Given that no such internationally-agreed standardisation exists, this criterion is moot.

How your data will be used

  • Individual responses will be shared and discussed with an expert panel (8 members) as part of the Ice Sheet Model selection process.

  • A high-level summary of all assessment responses will be included as part of the Ice Sheet Model selection final report, which may be shared publicly through the ACCESS-Hive Forum, ACCESS publications, and/or other public web formats. This will not include any personal information or individual responses collected.

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Quick links to Community Assessment materials

Reminder: Deadline to provide feedback is Thursday 09 May 11.59p

  1. Community Assessment Form:

  2. Ice Sheet Model Grading Table (ISM Grading Table)

  3. Shortlisted model summaries: