Ice sheet models spreadsheet

The CMWG co-chairs have started a google spreadsheet to capture the overview and detailed (Terms of Reference) information about potential ACCESS ice sheet models. This will be discussed at the upcoming CMWG meeting on Wednesday (13-Dec) and used to populate information through the ice sheet model selection process. It is open to all, contributions/input welcome.

Spreadsheet: Ice sheet models - Google Sheets

Dear all,

The CMWG co-chairs have reviewed and made recommendations for the essential/desirable criteria that an ice sheet model (ISM) should meet to be considered “fit for purpose”. Please see this spreadsheet.

I’ve also summarised entry level requirements for ISMs in this document.

In summary:

  • ISMs should meet the essential criteria (in the above document) to be considered fit for purpose

  • Cryosphere Modelling Working Group (CMWG) members (“assessors”) will help fill out basic information on each ISM

  • if any ISM does not meet any of the essential criteria, then the assessor should write a short summary justifying why a model does not pass one or more of the minimum entry criteria, publishing this to the Hive Forum

  • CMWG co-chairs will review these justifications and make the final decision about whether or not the model will be excluded from consideration

Please have a read of these docs and feel free to comment.

Next steps: thanks to those who already volunteered to assess ISMs against the criteria. I’ll follow up with you and others shortly about that and timeframes.

Thanks so much everyone for putting in so much this year! It’s been really great seeing this working group come together and looking forward to next year.

Hope you all have a restful and safe holiday period.




Hi Felicity, Chen, Ben and all

I have included a few details and a summary of CISM in the shared spreadsheet. I used this model in my research before switching to Elmer/Ice about six years ago. CISM is coupled to CESM and there are coupled simulation with the Greenland Ice Sheet already. However, the structured grid and limited support for process integration means that the model is probably not what we are looking for. The fortran code goes back to the GLIMMER model. It’s been around for a while, but recently there have been interesting new developments. However, with the NYOPC coupler allowing unstructured meshes and considerable process interest in our community, CISM is probably not what we are looking for.

All the best & happy new year everyone


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