Cryosphere Working Group: Meeting Minutes 2024

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13 March 2024

Meeting Notes

I just realised I forgot to post the (amazing) meeting notes Lauren took for the last meeting on 13 March. They are attached as a PDF.

Cryosphere Meeting Minutes 13 March.pdf (8.7 MB)


8 May 2024

Meeting Notes


  • Update on the ISM process
  • Recruitment updates at ACCESS-NRI
  • AOB


  • Update on the ISM process
    • Reminder to complete the Ice Sheet Model Community Assessment: Link to form
    • Expert panel
      • Meeting this coming Monday on 13 May
      • Role is to assess all the collected assessments and information from the ISM process to make a recommendation on an ISM to include/couple into ACCESS
    • The panel is comprised of 8 experts from within the CMWG and broader ACCESS community. They include:
      • CMWG co-chairs (Felicity, Ben, Chen)
      • CMWG ECR Rep (Lawrence)
      • Poul Christoffersen (UTAS, ice sheet expert)
      • Katrin Meissner (UNSW, paleoclimate modelling expert)
      • Rachel Law (CSIRO, Earth systems expert)
      • Andy Hogg (ACCESS-NRI, chair of panel)
      • Meeting support (Kelsey)
      • ACCESS-NRI observers (Mike Tetley, Martin Dix)
    • Discussion on grading criteria, conflicts of interest, transparency on the ISM and expert panel process
  • ACCESS-NRI recruitment
    • New Ice Sheet Modelling Team Lead role appointed - Mike Tetley
    • Currently based in the UK and is a senior Research Software Engineer on our Model Evaluation team
    • Starts in this new role in July
    • Will transition into the WG Liaison as he spins up (Kelsey will step out of this role)
  • Sub-group updates
    • Ethics
    • Data analysis/tools
    • Intend to pick up discussion and progress on these after the ISM process has completed.
  • AOB
    • Future meeting topics
      • Let Felicity know if you want to be added to the calendar invite for meeting reminders
      • Any recommendations for future meetings, please send them through to co-chairs
        • Surface hydrology possible topic for invited speaker
        • Reminder about annual ACCESS Workshop.
          • This will be held during the week of Sep 2-6 (exact days still TBC).
          • There is again the opportunity to hold a CMWG meeting as part of this week.