COSIMA Purpose Statement

Some of us came together and realised that there was never any ‘Purpose statement’ for COSIMA (or, otherwise known as ‘Mission statement’)

After a bit of a brainstorm a bit came up with some suggestions. This is only the beginning of a chat to shape and form COSIMA’s purpose statement.

As we envision it, things might look a bit like:

  • Purpose statement: short description of what COSIMA aims to bring about
  • Code of Ethics: general principles and foundations that COSIMA is build on (linking and relating to its purpose)
  • Code of Conduct: specific expectations and practices within COSIMA

Below are posted two proposed purpose statements that myself, @edoddridge and @PSpence came up with over a meeting. This is just the start of a conversation. Please put up other ones or suggest edits. Or put up your thoughts… We aim to conclude and solidify on a purpose statement by the end of this year’s annual Workshop on Thu July 4th.


COSIMA exists to foster community and collaboration in ocean and sea ice science, with particular emphasis on numerical modelling.

COSIMA exists to foster community and collaboration in ocean and sea ice modelling research and to provide an avenue for people’s efforts to have lasting impact while helping others move forward.

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COSIMA builds models, data and community collaboration to advance ocean and sea ice science.

Is it clear that “ocean and sea ice” includes waves and BGC, or should that be spelled out?

We thought of this and few of us thought that these are included in the
“ocean and sea ice science”. What’s your take @aekiss – need to be more verbose?

I think “ocean and sea ice” is enough.

COSIMA exists to foster community and collaboration by supporting the development and sharing of ocean and sea ice model configurations, output and analysis software.

I’m fine with “ocean and sea ice science”, but was wondering if BGC or wave people would feel excluded. I guess it’s ok, since we’re not mentioning specific model components.

We can even just say “ocean science” since it incorporates everything!

I think we wrote “ocean and sea ice science” mostly with the “OSI” in COSIMA in mind… Nothing more than that.

“marine science”? As in “modelling all aspects of the marine environment”?