COSIMA Working Group Announce

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all recovering from the excitement of last week. To aid with your recoveries, we won’t have a COSIMA meeting tomorrow. I hope you all find some lovely sunshine and go frolicking.

The following week we will hear from Dougie and possibly Romain about intake catalogues and how to efficiently get your hands on the vast amounts of data stored by NCI.


Hi @edoddridge,

I will be there. I think it would be good to have a general discussion on data.



@adele157 mentioned ACCESS-OM3 development support. It would be great if we could start the discussion around what the community thinks is needed for evaluation (Data, recipes etc)


I think Ed is away today, but COSIMA meeting is still on.

As always, the meeting will start at 11:30.

Please click this URL to start or join: Launch Meeting - Zoom

Zoom Meeting ID: 857 9005 7720

Password: 815243


  • Discussion of compute available / NCMAS coordination.
  • A quick report from @micael of the last Technical Working Group meeting.
  • @Aidan will briefly show people how to sign up to get email notifications from the Hive.
  • An overview from @dougiesquire of the NRI Intake Catalogue, which will soon replace how we import data with the COSIMA Cookbook.
  • A discussion led by @rbeucher of how we might use NRI supported evaluation tools like iLAMB or ESMValTool to support ACCESS-OM3 evaluation / tuning.