About the COSIMA (Ocean/Sea-Ice) Working Group

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Working group purpose

The COSIMA Ocean/Sea-Ice Modelling Community Working Group includes researchers from Australian universities and research institutions who use and co-develop the Australian Community Climate Earth System Model (ACCESS) for their research.

It includes ACCESS-OM, regional models, and ocean biogeochemistry.

The main aims of this group are to:

  • co-develop the ocean, sea-ice, and biogeochemistry models,
  • exchange information though regular meetings,
  • facilitate collaboration on shared projects,
  • act as a conduit between the community and the ACCESS-NRI Scientific Advisory Committee and ACCESS-NRI,
  • provide information about training and support.

The Working Group is open to all who share the same interests. To follow the activities of the Working Group, you need to become a member of the ACCESS-Hive forum and “watch” this topic on the forum. Feel free to join us to any of our meetings.


Adele Morrison, @adele157, co-chair
Andrew Kiss, @aekiss, co-chair
Edward Doddridge, @edoddridge, co-chair
Paul Spence, @PSpence, co-chair
Dougie Squire, @dougiesquire, ACCESS-NRI liaison

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