About the Atmosphere Working Group

This category contains the Atmosphere Working Group mailing list, information and activity reports.

Working group purpose

The Atmospheric Modelling Community Working Group includes researchers from several Australian universities and research institutions who use and co-develop the atmospheric modelling component of the Australian Community Climate Earth System Model (ACCESS) for their research.

Tools used by researchers in the group include the global atmospheric model ACCESS-AM, regional atmospheric models, including atmospheric chemistry and aerosol modelling.

The main aims of this group are to enhance research with the atmospheric model by coordinating:

  • model development,
  • evaluation and application activities across the national community,
  • interchange information through regular meetings, and
  • provide information about training.

The Working Group is open to all who share the same interests. To follow the activities of the Working Group, you need to become a member of the ACCESS-Hive forum and “watch” this topic on the forum. Feel free to join us and participate in any of our meetings.


Yi Huang, @Yi_Huang, co-chair
Matt Woodhouse, @Matt_Woodhouse, co-chair
Charmaine Franklin, @cnf, co-chair
Heidi Nettelbeck, @heidinettelbeck, ACCESS-NRI liaison

Category organisation

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