All about groups


This is information about the groups function in the forum

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to

  • understand how groups work
  • see a list of group members
  • join (or leave) a group
  • change their primary group (which alters the little “flair” icon on their avatar)


The forum has a feature called “groups”. You can see all groups in the groups page, accessible on the left hand navigation menu:

Some groups are automatic, e.g. based on trust level, others might be private or public. It is possible to filter the groups by words in the group title, or by type.

Who is in a group?

If the group is public, clicking on the group name will display a list of all members of the group. Selecting the “Activity” tab will show all posts and replies from group members.

Join a group

To join a group push the “Join” button on the top right of the group view window

Leave a group

To leave a group push the “Leave” button on the top right of the group view window

What groups can you join?

You can be a member of more than one group. There is no restriction on the number of groups you can join.

There are some groups that are closed and membership depends on being a member of a specific organisation, and others for performing specific roles, e.g. support. All Public Groups are open for anyone to join

Change primary group

The primary group sets the “flair” icon which is shown as an overlay on your avatar (user icon). You can choose which icon you want to display from the drop-down menu in your user preferences
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