Deleting old daily 3D 0.1° data from rr6?

Hi folks,

Back in 2018 I saved 26TB of 3d daily salt, temp, u and v data from 01deg_jra55v13_iaf here
and it’s time to think about whether we still need it.

This was from the original 0.1° ACCESS-OM2-01 IAF run, as published in the model release paper (Kiss et al., 2020) and is now obsolete (if you want 3d daily salt, temp, u and v you should use the newer output here instead: /g/data/cj50/access-om2/raw-output/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v140_iaf).

If you have a good reason we shouldn’t delete /g/data/rr6/cosima/access-om2-01/01deg_jra55v13_iaf, let me know ASAP!

Deleting sounds great! What project is rr6?

rr6 is a BOM project. The data was originally stored for Bluelink folks but others have also made use of it (though not recently AFAIK)

Could it be archived to tape instead of deleted?

I’d only bother with that if there was a chance anyone would retrieve it again. No point if it’s a one-way trip.

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Agreed. massdata is a pain.

Did you raise it in a COSIMA meeting?

I would raise it there. Perhaps in two different meetings. I’d put an “ultimatum” e.g. something like “this data is going to be deleted on DD-MM-YYYY unless we hear someone having good reasons not to” and allow 2-3 weeks before rm -rf ...?

It looks like this rr6 data isn’t included in the main database, so it’s unlikely anyone’s using it via the cookbook.

3 weeks of deafening silence, so let’s delete it.


NCI will change it to NCI-only access and then delete it after a month or so if nobody complains.