Experiment Proposal: Changing aerosol climatology in RNS at coastal Antarctica

Experiment title: Changing aerosol climatology in UM RNS at coastal Antarctica

Run the UM RNS RAL3.2 with aerosol climatology instead of fixed cloud droplet number concentration to produce more realistic aerosol fields for cloud activation. In addition, we’ll enhance the sulfate mass mixing ratio as we found too low cloud condensation nuclei in previous runs with aerosol climatology.
Scientific motivation: Improve aerosol-cloud interaction in UM regional model
Model: UM RNS
Configuration: RAL3.2
Run plan: Runs are 7 days with 10-min outputs. Horizontal resolution is 1.5 km (0.0135 degree) with 400 x 400 grids centered at Davis, Antarctica.
Total KSUs required: around 15 KSUs
Total storage required: No storage needed


There are ~25 kSU remaining on gx60 - seems like a good use in the final couple of weeks of the quarter


Charmaine, Yi, Heidi and I had a chat about this - please use what you need!