Fortran MPI-parallel unit testing with pFUnit

I just came across this, which might be of interest. I know nothing about it other than it is used in CIME, which in turn is part of the CESM infrastructure.


pfunit is also being used by the Met Office for testing the LFRic model

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Is that in a public repo? (he asked, optimistically, but expecting to be disappointed)

In the model repository, so private unit-test in LFRic/trunk/gungho – LFRic (

I recall @holger was looking into pFUnit some time ago. Did that lead to anything @holger?

Define ‘lead to anything’. I think it’s the best unit testing framework for Fortran that there is, but it’s still clunky and complex to use if I remember correctly. I don’t bother adding unit tests to the UM, and the little things I do program, I usually program in Python, so again, no using pFUnit. What I’m saying is that my experience with pFUnit is quite a bit out of date.

Some time ago I showed a new Fortran unit testing framework to @aidanheerdegen and he kindly requested I post it here. So here it is :smile:

This is still under development and uses cutting-edge Fortran features, but the design is very nice and I hope it will soon be usable.

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I think you covered it in your reply. I intended it to mean you didn’t end up using it in “production” for any projects, and that seems to be the case.