Genomics data to constrain models?

Hi guys, thanks for having me at the COSIMA meeting. I am trying to post my slides here. Please hit me up with any questions.


Thanks for an interesting talk Lev!

@aidanheerdegen it looks like by default attaching files to posts in discourse is not allowed. Can we enable this?

There is a list of “authorised extensions” for uploads. I’m guessing Lev was trying to upload power point (.ppt)? I’ve added that to the list, but if it was a different filetype please let me know and I’ll add that too.

Hi Aidan, thanks for your help! It is actually .pptx (not sure if that makes a difference).
Does it take a while for the changes to take effect? 5m after your message .ppt wasn’t yet on the list of approved attachments.

Yes, it is quite dumb, so that makes a difference. Can you try now?

It doesn’t seem to work…

Sorry @Lev, I was changing the wrong setting. Can you try again please?

Thanks Aidan, it seems this has been fixed now… And now I am facing the next hurdle:


Thank you for your patience @Lev

Once again … could you give it another crack?

Still the same message about new users vs. attachments…

OK, now it is complaining about the size (>8MB). I think I should be able to fix that, give me a few minutes.

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Please find the slides attached now. (Thanks for your help, Aidan and Ryan!)

COSIMA 2023-02-23 Lev Bodrossy.pptx (7.4 MB)