How this category can work

Hey everyone!

I have this really technical question that I’d like some help with.

I know the answer to the meaning of life is 42, but what is the question?

Can you reply below, or vote on your favourite answer, that would be great!

Thanks for your help,


You have to watch Snow White 6 times, so that you’ll get 42 dwarfs in total

I can’t see how to vote on an answer. It seems the voting is on the overall topic. Why do I have a limited number of votes?

Maybe you need a different plugin?
From this post it seems like it is possible:

Yes I’m looking at that, but I don’t have the option to Toggle Q&A. Looking into it.

Edit: Looks like discourse post voting isn’t installed

So I can select a solution, but no sorting of answers. Maybe we can get that installed, I’ll see if that is possible. I’ll turn off post voting, because it seems a bit confusing and there isn’t a good use case for it.

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You need to install the plugin that Paola suggested. I don’t think it can be done via the web UI. See if you can tweak the deployment by logging on Discourse.

I have contacted Discourse, and they are still considering the timescale to deploying this on hosted programs. This is the downside of a hosted program I am afraid.

Yes. I was expecting this… That’s annoying