How to add an event to a topic


How to add an event to your topic

Who is this for?

Anyone creating a topic that is referencing an event, such as a workshop, conference or meeting, including recurring meetings such as for working groups.

How to add an event

There are instructions here:

but a brief summary:

  1. Events can only be added to the first post of a topic
  2. Events can be added later to an existing topic, but only to the top post
  3. Click on the gear icon in the post editing window to select “Create event”

create event

This opens a dialog where you can enter the important information about your event. This includes the date and time, if it is recurring, if you want to allow people to indicate their attendance, and even if they will be reminded before the meeting.

Once the details are correct, push the orange “Create” button, and your event will be embedded in the post as BBcode:

[event start="2023-10-28 14:30" status="public" 
name="Important meeting" 
recurrence="every_two_weeks" end="2023-10-28 15:30" 

So it is possible to edit the BBCode directly if you notice a mistake.

Why add an event?

Events have the option of allowing people to signal they are attending. Humans are social animals, so it can encourage others to join if they see people they want to interact with are going.

Reminders can be set for the event, which many people find useful so they don’t forget. Calendar (.ics) files are generated for the even and can be downloaded by users, as well as added directly to google calendar.

All events are shown on the “Upcoming Events” page, which is linked in the left hand menu under “Events”.