Support for dates/calendars


This describes how to add dates to your posts that make it easy to add to calendars

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to share an important date so that others can easily add it to their own calendar e.g. for a meeting.

How do I add a date?

The best way is to use the click the calendar icon in the edit menu bar:

This brings up a dialog that allows you to choose a day, timezone and time. Note the time (circled in red) shows “greyed out” and will default to midnight (00:00) unless you insert a value for each field (hour, minute, am/pm). The main time display (inside the orange box) will update the time from 00:00 when you have done this.

date dialog

When you select a date and time and push “Insert” the dialog will disappear and it will insert something that looks like this:

[date=2023-04-20 time=14:05:00 timezone="Australia/Sydney"]

which renders like this in the preview (and subsequent post):


Note: you can add these snippets directly to your posts without using the button and dialog approach.

How do I add this event to my calendar?

Anyone can add this date and time to their calendar. First click on the text of the date, which brings up a dialog that displays the same date and time in a number of different timezones:

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 2.28.45 pm

and then click “Add to calendar” which displays a modal dialog which gives the option to either save an .ics file, or add directly to Google calendar:

Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 2.28.57 pm

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Hi Aidan, it there any way to embed more information into these calendar events for these posts? At the moment the google calendar has

  • date and time
  • name of the Hive Topic it came from

Would be good to have a zoom/teams link and perhaps a custom name

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Unfortunately no there is not at this time.