How to subscribe to a calendar feed


How to subscribe to an iCalendar (ICS) calendar feed.

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to be kept up to date with a published calendar, e.g. members of a working group who need to know when working group meetings and activities are occurring.

What are the requirements to do this?

A calendar client, such as those provided by Microsoft, Google and Apple, or other third-party calendar software that supports ICS calendar feeds.

An ICS URL: it is important that this is a URL, as that means the calendar client can “refresh” the calendar feed periodically which will update the information in the client when there have been any changes. It is also common to download a .ics file and open it with calendar client, but that is static information that will not be updated unless a new version of the file is downloaded and opened again.

How do I subscribe to a calendar feed?


First step is to get the URL for the calendar feed: typically right-click on the calendar feed and copy the URL link.

The next step (subscribing) is highly dependent on the calendar client being used, but here are instructions for some of the more common clients:


Follow the add internet calendars in this guide:

Or “Subscribe to a calendar” in this documentation:

Apple Calendar

Follow the instructions in the Apple Calendar User Guide:

iOS Calendar

Follow the instructions in the Apple iPhone User Guide:

Google Calendar

Follow the steps under “Use a link to add a public calendar”:

If you have problems with the feed updating try these trouble-shooting tips.

The Cryosphere calendar URL: [link] is just an *.ics download file. How do we subscribe to the calendar url in outlook? Thanks!

See this knowledge-base (docs) article for instructions

(the link was included in the post)

Thanks for the update. My confusion came from using a downloaded *.ics file vs an calendar url as suggested in step 4 of “subscribe to a calendar” at How to subscribe to a calendar feed. The calendar link provided is a downloaded *.ics file … does this downloaded calendar get updated if the schedule changes? Thanks!

Hey Paul,

I moved the replies to this topic from the Cryosphere WG Announce topic. It is bad form to reply to an Announce topic because it spams everyone who follows it. I also replied there, which was unfortunate.

I have updated this topic and added this:


First step is to get the URL for the calendar feed: typically right-click on the calendar feed and copy the URL link.

Does that make it clearer?

Thanks Aidan. I am sure that I am being ultra dense here :slight_smile: but where is the cryosphere calendar url? On this page: Cryosphere Working Group Announce - #6 by kdruken
the Cryosphere calendar URL: link

is just a download file as far as I can tell, and not a web url (e.g. I right click it and open in a new tab and it just downloads an ics file). Sorry for being a pain. Thanks for your patience.

If you right click on the link and copy the link

Then use that URL in the step to subscribe in whatever calendar client you’re using.