Want a Calendar Invite to Atmosphere WG meetings?

To receive a calendar invite subscribe to the Atmosphere Working Group calendar in your favourite calendar app by:

Step 1: right click on this link and copy the URL: Atmosphere Working Group Meeting Calendar feed

  • Note: Do not download the .ics file as this is a static snapshot of the calendar rather than subscribing to one that allows updates.

Step 2. Follow the steps in this post: Subscribe to the calendar in your calendar application to set up a new calendar for your preferred calendar app (e.g. outlook, gmail, iOS calendar etc.)

Hints for Outlook users:

  • Add from your Outlook Web email (not the Outlook app on your local device), click ‘add calendar’ on the left hand panel.
  • Paste the .ics link that you copied in Step 1 above.
  • If in your Outlook app the new calendar (for Atmosphere WG) appears separate from your personal one, select ‘view’ (from above menu) and ‘overlay’ to overlay the calendar with your personal one.