How to flag a post for moderation


How to flag a post that might be inappropriate, off-topic or spam and may need some action taken by moderators.

Who is this for?

Anyone reading and writing on this forum. Anyone can flag a topic or a post at any time.

Why would I flag a post?

You can flag a post or a topic if you believe that post/topic is:

  • inappropriate according to our code of conduct
  • spam
  • simply off-topic and you would like the post to be moved elsewhere

Flagging a post/topic will bring that post/topic to the attention of the forum moderators who will then take appropriate action (e.g. move the post, delete a post, delete a user, block a user etc.).

How do I flag a post/topic

A full how-to is available here:

For a shorter version:

  1. Click on the :black_flag: icon at the bottom of a post or topic.
  2. Choose the category you want to flag the post/topic and click “Flag post”

The forum moderators (or staff) will see the post/topic in their review list and act as required.

If users get many of their posts flagged, their access to the forum will automatically be limited. You can see a full explanation of possible consequences in the Discourse how-to.