How to register to contribute to the forum


Describes how to register to get an account on this forum

Who is this for?

The forum is completely open to access and read. However registration is required for anyone who wants to interact in any way on this forum: reply, post, like, bookmark or watch topics, tags or categories.

Who can register?

Anyone can register for an account on the ACCESS-Hive forum. The welcome topic outlines what the forum is for, and who might be interested in joining. The FAQ has guidelines about how to use the forum and our code of conduct.

How to register

Push the orange “Sign Up” button on right hand side of the header:

That will open a registration window:

You can sign up with an email address and set a password, or use your google, GitHub or OpenID Connect (ORCID) credentials to register and create an account.

Please use your main institutional email address! The forum will automatically add you to the appropriate institutional group. This helps ACCESS-NRI report back to Partner organisations to show they are getting value for their investment, and also means you can discover potential local collaborators.

There is drop-down menu where you can (and should) select an ACCESS-NRI working group to join as part of the sign-up process:

If you choose a working group you will automatically become a member, and be subscribed to an important mailing list topic that will email you important information, such as working group meetings.

How to login

If you already have an account push the orange “Log in” button to the right hand side of the “Sign Up” button in the picture above and either put in your credentials, or sign in with the account you used to register.

If you lose access to your account email