Welcome to the ACCESS-Hive Forum


Welcome to the ACCESS-Hive Forum. This is a place for the ACCESS Community to come together, share information, have fruitful discussions, organise and plan shared activities.

This forum is for everyone who is part of the ACCESS Community.

This forum uses discourse. If you are unfamiliar with this software there is a user-guide where you can find useful information to get you started. There is also a best practice guide to creating and responding to topics.

Who is the ACCESS Community?

Ultimately this is based on self-identification, if you feel like part of the ACCESS Community then you are. But as a guide some people who are definitely part of the community:

  • Run ACCESS models
  • Analyse ACCESS model outputs
  • Use ACCESS model output data as boundary or forcing conditions in a different model
  • Use or contribute to one of the models used in ACCESS Models, so have a shared interest
  • Use, or interested in using, tools the ACCESS Community and ACCESS-NRI develop

What can you find here?

  • Discussions about science, models, data, analysis
  • Question and answer formatted topics (posts), and hopefully a reply marked as the solution
  • Special topics that you can subscribe, and get emailed updates: like a targeted mailing list

Why should you come here?

  • Connect with peers
  • Find out what people are doing
  • Start collaborations and have input into what others are doing
  • Get help
  • Help others
  • Discover previous questions and answers
  • Help build a knowledge base for everyone in the community

The forum will only work if members of the community are willing to use their time to help others. Please be patient if you do not receive a reply to your question straight away. Not everyone checks the forum every day, so it may take a while before those who are capable and willing can help.

What are the long term plans for the forum?

ACCESS-NRI is paying for this service and is committed to doing so permanently. It is hosted by Discourse with an educational discount, for which we are very grateful.

ACCESS-NRI provides this forum as a service to the ACCESS community, and are open to feedback from the community about how it is administered and run.