How to run ESMValTool on NCI ARE?

I think it might be a useful topic for everyone to use in the future. I know how to run ESMVar on the terminal, but I’m not sure what environment I need to set up to run ESMVar on ARE.

Once we can run it on ARE, it will be much easier to directly investigate the outputs from the HTML generated by ESMVar, similar to iLAND.


Hi Arnold,

What is ESMVar?
How do you run it on terminal?

Hi Hi Davide,

Sorry, it is ESMValTool. I wonder how to run under ARE ( with py3 environment. What do we need to setup and how to run it (jupyter notebook).

Many thanks!


@rbeucher is there a conda environment @ars599 can use to run ESMValTool?

ESMValTool is available in the xp65 project conda environment.
So you need to request access to xp65

To use it in ARE:


Documentation on how to use the ESMValTool ACCESS workflow is in the work.
For now access is restricted to a few users.