How-to upload a file or image


How to upload a file or image in a post

Who is this for?

Anyone who is writing a post on the forum and needs to include a picture or upload a document like a PDF or powerpoint presentation.

How do I upload a file or image?

As shown in the image below, either push the upload button in the menu and select a file from your device, or drag an image or file from your computer filesystem on to the edit window and it will automatically upload and be embedded in your post.

If it is an image it will render in the preview pane on the right hand side of the editing window.

What can I upload?

Any image less than 4MB in size, and any text file, PDF, power point, calendar file, or video less than 16MB in size.

In general we would prefer video to uploaded to YouTube and linked to the forum, because videos can consume a large amount of space, and inlining youtube videos works very well.

Hi Aidan,

I get a “new user cannot upload attachment” error when trying to upload my poster pdf file. Do you know how to fix it. Thank you.

Hi Thi,

This is a security setting to stop spammers who have just signed up from adding malicious or nuisance uploads.

I have set your trust level so that you should be able to upload now.

For anyone else in the future who has the same problem, you can solve it by joining a group, or use your institutional email and you should be automatically be added to one of the groups set up for our partner organisations. Once you join a group your trust level is automatically increased to at least 1.

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Hi Aidan,

I got it. Thank you so much

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