The MED Team is working on making ILAMB and ILAMB-data available on NCI.
We have created a data project where we will transfer the ILAMB-data and for which we will provide Python/Conda environments.

We spoke of doing a demo about using ILAMB on NCI.
This is on our to-do list.

Awesome. FYI if becomes part of the evaluation workflow we have (or at least have had - haven’t used it for a while) ILAMB working as an analysis engine within (HTML gets embedded within an analysis page), which could allow side-by-side comparisons of different ILAMB analyses as well as a little more metadata automatically associated with each ILAMB analysis.

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Thanks Gab. Do you have an example handy? That’s Aman option I would like to have

Like I said I haven’t run ILAMB in meorg for a while, but I’d love to update the new version of ILAMB. All I can find is an old test implementation: