ILAMB help: ilamb-tree-generator, adding datasets

I am trying to use ilamb-tree-generator to set up an ilamb run. The example yaml file in the documentation only shows CMIP6 historical runs. I appear to have successfully added amip and esm-hist runs using the exp field, but when I tried to add hist-noLu no files appeared in the relevant MODELS sub-directory. hist-noLu is in the LUMIP (rather than CMIP) directory under CMIP6 so is this the issue? Also, is there a way to use the yaml file to include cmorised but non-CMIP6 data? Maybe @RhaegarZeng best to help.

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Hi, Rachel:

I am really glad to hear that you’re using ilamb-tree-generator and also thanks for report the issue, that will help us keep update the tool.

I think this problem is because the directory structure have some slight differences between ‘CMIP’ and LUMIP. We didn’t test LUMIP yet but I will test later and reply to you soon.

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@RachelLaw I moved the topic into the Technical category as I think it is more appropriate for it. Just mentioning it in case you have problems finding it now.