Location for sharing Miocene example

As mentioned at the ESM meeting, I would like to share my Miocene configuration with the community as an example of how I changed the land-sea mask. Could I possibly use some of the new ESM working group gdata space for sharing the input / restart files? I would only need a few tens of GB. Just that I can’t put large files on github.

I had thought of putting it on zenodo (can take up to 50 GB), but probably more useful to NCI users if I find an appropriate folder on Gadi.

Update: I guess lg87 would be the project? Please let me know if that’s not the right spot.

Yes I think this is a perfect use case. Let me organise the directory structure first and I’ll get back to you with where to put it.

both Zenodo and Gadi!

Ok, for now I have added the scripts to a github repository. This has only the scripts and not the large input/restart files. I have the accompanying files in a folder on y99:

I will copy them to a better location on lg87 when ready. By the way, it’s only 2.8 GB of stuff in the end.

Then I will need to add some explanatory notes!

Awesome, thanks! The size isn’t such a big deal, it is keeping everything organised that can be difficult.