LUH processing

This topic is to document work involved in processing LUH data for ACCESS / CABLE-POP.

Issues include

  • use of gross or net transitions
  • mapping to CABLE pfts
  • how to use crop data and other supplementary information
  • understanding how processing was done previously, what code is still available
  • ensuring processes are better documented in future

From @clairecarouge

It appears the LUH2 dataset should already be available as a published dataset at NCI.

It is part of input4mips and this data collection is under here: /g/data/qv56/replicas/input4MIPs

It seems the dataset is split under various directories because it is split per MIPs, so scenario and historical data will be split for example.

@RachelLaw additional notes:

Historical data
High and low cases are described ( Land Use Harmonization ( as high and low data-driven reconstruction of land-use from HYDE and accompanying wood harvest, designed for model sensitivity studies.

The CABLE-POP team has a set of LUH2 processing scripts that could conceivably be used as the basis for creating land cover ancillaries (ACCESS-CM3), and the associated net transitions (ACCESS-ESM-1.5, ESM-1.6), and gross transitions (ESM-1.6, ESM3) irrespective of the choice of CABLE3 or CABLE4 (i.e. POP).

These scripts allow for compositing LUH2 states into CABLE land cover units (tiles) and spatial aggregation. These is also some level internal sanity checking (e.g. tiles sum to 1).