Massdata and the end of projects like clex


With the end of CLEX many of us are having to clean up gdata storage. I have been moving stuff to massdata under hh5 and v45 projects. However, I was wondering if massdata storage persists once v45 and hh5 are killed off. The helpful answer from Holger is concerning:

"This is a quite complex answer. Our understanding is that yes, the data will persist, but if and when the project is shut down, you will be kicked out of the group.

Which means that you can no longer access the data on there. If you know exactly where it is, you might be able to get NCI to retrieve the data for you, but I cannot guarantee it.

Better to find a new project that persists after the end of this year to store the data."

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Hi Paul,

NCI will not remove the data and you can ask them to access it if it’s on a project that will cease to exist. hh5 won’t cease to exist with CLEX and we’re trying to find a way to keep the CLEX data from projects that will close down in one accessible project. We cannot decide this on our own of course and we cannot say more until we hear back. We all need to understand that storage and its maintenance it’s expensive and requires work, which is why we’re asking people to clean up the data, as whatever solution we might come up with it will have some cost albeit hidden to most of us.
It’s also important to notice that this is just a normal procedure, what is unusual is to have had projects that kept on being renew for such a long time. When we closed down w35 and w48 we also transferred the massdata files to current CLEX projects.