Lg87 on Gadi


I can see lg87 under /scratch but not under /g/data

I think data under /scratch are supposed to be flushed out every 6(?) months. Will there be a more permanent place where we can store data?

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You can use the command
nci_account -P lg87
to see if you have any gdata allocation under that project.

I have checked the nci_account

Only scratch1 is allocated and only 1TB, which is not enough to store more than one experiment.

There will need to be more allocated and we can also address the longer term storage then (maybe?)

Yes that’s right. This has been held up by NCRIS funding decisions being delayed. @clairecarouge recently sent out an email to Working Group Chairs asking for their estimation of their immediate data needs, as there was some possibility we will soon have access to some /g/data allocation.

At this stage, the NCRIS funding decision is still not public. But we have started some negotiations with NCI to try and get a minimum amount of storage under /g/data soon and also try and settle a future date for a full allocation of storage (100 TB at the maximum). But it is too early to announce any possible date for either of these stages.

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