Model development: CABLE3

This topic tracks information about CABLE3 development including testing / issues with using CABLE3 with ACCESS-ESM1.5, ACCESS-CM2.

Coupling of CABLE3 to UM13.x/GAL9 is covered in the Model development: ACCESS-AM3 topic.

Historical test run with CABLE3 shows greater interannual variability in GPP than ACCESS-ESM1.5. Larger IAV flows through to other carbon fluxes. No explanation as yet. Mean GPP fluxes and seasonality look reasonable.

Short payu AMIP run with executable built from file:///g/data/access/access-svn/cmip5/branches/dev/jxs599/ESM1.5-CABLE3 compared with standard executable giving reduced plant respiration - mostly for tree types and especially in tropics (and summer hemisphere when plants are active). Thought we’d resolved this difference between ACCESS-ESM1.5 and CABLE3 version so needs checking. Initial look at parameters (e.g. ccfrd, nslope) seem to be correct between versions.

Checked historical run and it also shows similar reduced plant respiration.

Tracked difference to two main issues in casa_rplant. Documented in trac ticket.

#362 (ESM1.5 reconciliation: casa_rplant) – cable