MOM6 Regional Error: segment data are not on supergrid

After a bit of a hiatus in running the regional mom6 on Setonix, I’ve tried picking this up again from a later restart file. I was a bit silly and hadn’t backed up some of the input files, so needed to make a new hgrid before generating the new forcing segments.

When running this on Setonix, I receive the error message: segment data are not on supergrid. Has anyone seen this before? @ashjbarnes @schmidt-christina @angus-g

It occurs after the following line in the mom6.out file:
`NOTE from PE 0: MOM_restart: MOM run restarted using : INPUT/

FATAL from PE 49: segment data are not on the supergrid`

Any idea what to check here?


Scratch this - realised I was using forcing segments created from a slightly different hgrid.

If this error pops up; check x/y length of vs hgrid (supergrid) shape.

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