Output internal sea ice temperatures from ACCESS-OM2

Howdy. I’m trying to output the internal sea ice temperatures from the standard config of ACCESS-OM2. The model is running and behaving normally, so I go into the cice_in.nml file and modify:
f_tinz = ‘x’ to f_tinz = ‘m’
Now the model isn’t able to get past a month (presumably where it is trying to write out this diagnostic). Has anyone been able to get internal sea ice temperatures out successfully? Thanks!!

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Hi @kial we had them switched on in access-cm2 during testing but off in the main runs, they are a little trickier as they had an extra dimension to the output files, I am trying to remember how we got round that for all cases. I think it worked best with a new restart.

Thanks @sofarrell I’ve just seen that @aekiss had both Tinz and Sinz output for a couple of cycles with the IAF in ACCESS-OM2-01. I’m trawling through the cice_in.nml files for other differences. Is it possible that they only work with ktherm=2 and NOT with ktherm=1?

We had it working for ktherm=1 in the access-cm2 runs

Yes there’s Tinz, Sinz in the IAF ACCESS-OM2-01: Data available: 0.1° 1958-2018 ACCESS-OM2 IAF runs – COSIMA - This used ktherm=2 (mushy ice). I thought Sinz is time-invariant with ktherm=1?

Tinz, Sinz are much bigger files due to the extra dimension - perhaps there’s a IO bottleneck in your run?

You may find this useful for comparing namelists: GitHub - aekiss/nmltab: Python module and command-line tool to semantically tabulate, diff and superset Fortran namelist files.

Yes @Kial would only need to look at Tinz as @aekiss says salinity profile doesn’t change in ktherm =1 option.

Still no luck. I’ve tried switching off all other CICE diagnostics, and can successfully toggle these on/off (including putting in additional 4D diags), but any run without f_tinz = ‘x’ gets stuck at the point where it is trying to output these internal sea ice temperatures. The config is the latest 1deg_jra55_ryf if that helps…

That’s odd - so even f_tinz = ‘m’ fails?

Note that the index order is incorrect with Tinz, Sinz: diagnostic bug in CICE when outputting 4d fields · Issue #62 · COSIMA/cice5 · GitHub

OK I can reproduce this problem. I’ve opened an issue: Can't output Tinz · Issue #72 · COSIMA/cice5 · GitHub

Thank you @aekiss !!