Post-CLEX conda analysis environments on NCI

What’s the plan for conda environment support post-CLEX at the end of the year? @navidcy says there are discussions happening “on how/whether the CMS infrastructure (eg the conda envs) would carry on in” W21C. Do we know if W21C will be open to supporting conda environments for COSIMA users who may not be affiliated with W21C? Or does ACCESS-NRI have plans to support a conda environment that we should all switch to?

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Also @rbeucher may have thoughts?

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We’ve been discussing support for our conda envs post-CLEX for a while, I can’t add anything now as nothing has been decided yet but there are discussions about this going on this week and we have everything documented so the transition can be as smooth as possible. Feel free to pin us if you have similar questions, it might be true that our team will end but we’re still here and we’re actively working on a smooth transition of data and software we think the community benefits from.


We had discussions between ACCESS-NRI, CLEX and W21C today and this topic was covered. It is an easy one! This is a critical service that is used by many many people and it will be definitely covered going forward. ACCESS-NRI will take the lead on figuring this out but a solution will involve NCI and W21C … More to come later this year …

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Great! So for now a good plan seems to be to proceed with installing new conda packages that people want (e.g. pygamma, see discussion here) in the CLEX CMS conda channel and then things can be transitioned over to the new environment wherever that is next year.

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