Publish a series of connected topics at the same time


This is information to help prepare a series of connected topics that are best published together

Who is this for?

Anyone who wants to prepare complicated announcements that require several topics. This is especially relevant if topics refer to one another through URLs.

Problem to solve

Let’s say you want to publish a series of 2 topics:

  • an announcement topic to present some new product, project etc.
  • a related topic that is related to the announcement, for example, a topic for a specific task to collect information from people.

Ideally, you want the “announcement” topic to be published first or at the same time as the “task” topic. But you need the “task” topic URL in the “announcement” topic, so the “task” topic needs to exist first. You may also need the “announcement” topic URL in the “task” topic to ensure people get all the information they need.

Enter the unlisted topics

One solution is to make use of unlisted topics. When creating a topic in any category, in the settings you can choose “Toggle Unlisted”:

This means the topic will not appear in any list of topics or the search. It is only accessible by its URL.

In practice, you can create your topics in the category they need to be in, choose the tags etc. as unlisted topics. Then you can review each topic and ensure the links are correct, etc. Once you are ready to publish the topics, you can simply choose “List Topic” in the tools for each topic:

This can also be used to prepare topics in advance and only list them on a given date.

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