SciPy 2024: Submit for a talk or poster presentation!

If you like Python and scientific computing, then SciPy is the conference for you! :snake: :computer:

Conference details
July 8-14, 2024
Tacoma, WA (USA) & Online
SciPy 2024 website

Submit for a talk or poster!

Call for proposals (due Feb. 27th March 5th! ← UPDATED DEADLINE!)
You can submit for a talk or poster to one of 8 tracks. Of particular interest to this community is likely the Earth, Ocean, Geo, and Atmospheric Science track (that I am co-chairing! :tada:). All tracks are listed on the “Call for proposals” page linked above.

Review process

All presentations will be openly reviewed by 3 reviewers and session chairs will base their acceptance decisions on these reviews. If accepted, presenters have the option of writing up a short paper that will be published with DOI in the SciPy proceedings. NOTE: oral presenters must attend in-person. Posters can be given remotely.

Be a reviewer!

Not interested in submitting a proposal? Sign up to be a reviewer!

What is SciPy?!

If you’re new to SciPy, it is short for “Scientific Python”, which includes the use of the Python computing language for any scientific discipline. The conference is one of my absolute favorites (I’ve been twice now!), as it’s a mix of people with research backgrounds (academic/government) with those working closer to the tech industry in data science and software engineering. It’s a very welcoming and friendly community, and it would be fun to see more Australian representation there! :kangaroo::smile:

The conference has three portions, totaling 7 days (and you can attend any or all portions):

  • Monday & Tuesday - 4 x half-day tutorials
  • Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday - 3-day conference with oral and poster sessions, keynotes, and birds of a feather (similar to town hall) sessions
  • Saturday & Sunday - Sprints! Informal hacking time!

You can view last year’s schedule to get a sense of the types of sessions and presentations at SciPy! (Scroll down to view Wednesday - Friday sessions.)

(NOTE: this is not a conference about the scipy software package! It is confusing naming, but the conference includes any and all Python packages used in the sciences, which includes the scipy package, as well as many, many others!).

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A new deadline was just announced for SciPy talk/poster proposals - they are now due:

March 5th

We get an extra week to get those proposals in! :tada: (Note that the website likely won’t reflect this update until tomorrow, aka Monday in the US. We get this special early announcement since we are a day ahead :smiley: ).

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