Session 6: Breakout room 5: Model Configurations/ development - ACCESS-CM2/ESM2

This topic contains discussions, questions and thoughts for Session 5: Breakout room 1: Model Configurations/ development - ACCESS-CM2/ESM2
Time: 11:15 am - 12:45 pm - Claire and Matt

Attendees: Andy P., Rachel L, Matt W, Dave B, Claire C

AP: fix land carbon storage and biannual ENSO are essential for submission to CMIP7.

DB: ESM1.5 ENSO is out of phase. So it’s not necessarily better. Spatial resolution of the atmosphere has shown improvements.
Problems with forcing along coastlines.
We should explore the CM2-N216-025 option TO determine if it can solve the ENSO problem.

DB: problem of cost of the MM option for the ESM.

MW: Turn GLOMAP off or it’s too expensive. For a configuration that solves the ENSO issue.

AP: But ENSO dominates the carbon cycle variability in Australia.

RL: Hadgem had a better ENSO with N96. So there might be other work on the ocean work

MW: we need better understanding of the climate sensitivity.

AP: Speed is hugely important for the paleoclimate.

What are the science questions because of the computational constraints:
Stratospheric ozone

AP: Merrit in keeping the ESM1.5 for years to come with CABLE3 (ready).

AP: Coupling PPLB to CABLE + GW + revised hydrology to fix the accumulated land carbon storage.

Problems with CABLE: snow, permafrost, albedo,

Do we need a land COSIMA? Absolutely!

Priorities: Southern Ocean warm bias: problem of cloud formation in the UM. Not likely in the timeline for CMIP7.

Priority: more systematic evaluation of the coupled models for failure.

A DECK light would be useful to include contributions with chemistry.