Trial an AI Bot?


Discourse hosted plans (which this forum is powered by) now support bots powered by LLMs like OpenAI

It supports a number of “personas” designed for different applications, but the one that seems most appropriate would be

  • Forum Helper: General purpose AI bot capable of performing various tasks. Can search your current Discourse instance and use that information to build responses
  • i.e - What are the top posts for AI?


Do we want to trial a bot like this for the forum?

Some feedback suggests it can be difficult to locate the correct information. An ChatGPT style bot might improve this.

A downside would be if the ChatBot gave out incorrect information.

What LLM is most appropriate?

OpenAI offer a number of different models at different price points. Given the constrained nature of the requests would a state of the art model be required?

Feedback is welcome.

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I don’t have any feedback but thanks for posting this as I was wondering the same thing when I saw the Discourse update.

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I have just used a bot on another site and it was quite useful.