UM/LFRic User Workshop 5-9 June 2023 - Register Now

You can now register to the UM/LFRic User Workshop !

The UM/LFRic Users Workshop is a week long hybrid event, from 5-9th June 2023, to share knowledge and expertise around the UM and progress toward the new LFRic model. The event will cover all aspects of modelling and is suitable for everyone, whatever their level of experience.

To register, please fill in the form: Microsoft Forms

Overview of Sessions’ Theme (times are BST):

​​​​​​​Session 1 - **NGMS and Technical infrastructure (TI) (**Monday 05th June : 0830 – 1700)
This session will provide overview on progress on Next Generation Modelling and Supercomputer activities across the Partnership, with a focus on:

  • Updates on progress on NGMS projects and collaborative activities
  • Opportunities for enhancing collaboration with existing and future computing capabilities​​​​​​​

Session 2 – Global Coupled (GC) & Earth System Modelling (Tuesday 06th June: 0830 – 1700)
This session will be focused on GC science activities and Global Coupled NGMS plans and preliminary evaluation of GC5-LFRic

Session 3 – Regional Atmosphere and Land Modelling Science (Wednesday 07th June: 0830 – 1230)
This session will be focused on regional modelling science activities with a focus on science updates following the release of the RAL3.1 Science configuration, plans for RAL3-LFric and future regional science activities

Session 4 – Post-Processing and Ensembles Exploitation (Wednesday 07th June: 1400 – 1700)
This session will be focused on postprocessing of model data using StaGE & IMPROVER and also on exploiting ensemble data in operational products and services.

  • IMPROVER is a post-processing system designed for blending multiple ensemble data sources;
  • StaGE presents model data in standardized form and may be used as a pre-processor for IMPROVER.

Session 5 – Data Science (Thursday 08th June: 0830 –1700)
This session will cover data science (ML & AI) focused on:

  • Hybrid ML models and ML in numerical models, with scientific talks on ML applications
  • “Pure” ML models, with a panel discussion with big ML model creators on what they think the role of ML is in the future of weather and climate modelling
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