Sep 2023 Workshop: ML for modelling and prediction

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Join here for online or Griffin Room

Jamboard for discussion. Feel free to add your questions and ideas

First session happening now: Getting started

Second session now – focusing on presentations of some of the ML work happening in our community:

Our team at NCI have been working on Climate/Weather models for the last ten months or so. We currently released several examples together with ready to use environment, input data, scripts and jupyter notebooks. You can find ClimaX, FourCastNet and FourCastNeXt mentioned in Cat’s talk here Machine Learning Models for Climate & Weather - Specialised Environments - Opus - NCI Confluence. There are also other released examples and more to come, such as PanguWeather and GraphCast.

For more general AI/ML examples, see AI/Machine Learning - Specialised Environments - Opus - NCI Confluence. All the examples have their own scripts/jupyter notebooks ready in /g/data/dk92/notebooks/, for example, SFNO in /g/data/dk92/notebooks/examples-aiml/ and the general neural operators in /g/data/dk92/notebooks/examples-julia/.

The corresponding example page on contains the step-by-step instruction of how to run those examples on Gadi.


This is a useful review paper on Machine Learning for numerical weather and climate modelling written by @CatherinedeBurgh-Day and @Tennessee

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Note: slight change to the program, we will be shifting Steve’s talk to first thing after lunch

@Sanaa’s paper on Using Machine Learning to Cut the Cost of Dynamical Downscaling

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Discussion session now. Add your suggestions/comments/questions JAMBOARD

Hi all,

Thank you for your part in making our first Forecasting and Prediction WG meeting on ML for modelling and prediction such a success!

Here are the presentations from the day that we have received permission to share:

Getting Started

Applications of ML