Using Discourse Groups for Working Groups

We could utilise groups for working groups. It has the ability to message all group members which might be useful functionality

It is possible to make other groups for institutional affiliation, but that seems exclusionary rather than inclusive and not sure there would be much point.

Yes, I like the idea of an option that allows messaging the whole group. Using a post as a mailing list can work but people need to discover the post first before being able to watch it so there could be a delay before they get the information.

Do you know whether people get an email about the message? The user preferences have an option for “Email me when I am sent a personal message” or for email on mentions and watch topics etc. So it does not seem to cover a message sent to a group.

I do not. Might have to do some testing.

Some other reasons for using groups:

  • advertise to others users what you’re interests are
  • allows groups to identify who are part of their community, just by visiting the group page
  • private communication to group members when public posting isn’t desirable, e.g. advertising a VC link securely