COSIMA Hackathon v2.0 -- Tuesday January 24th, 2023

Everyone should check out the github project page and start adding their ideas/what they want to work on to it.

Even if you don’t have an idea you can have a look at one of the ideas already there and assign yourself to it (click on the card and then click “assignees”)!

Only 5 attending at UNSW so far. Any Sydneysiders able to whip up a bit more enthusiasm, or let folks know that might not have seen the announcements/forum threads? @JuliaN? Any internal CCRC mailing lists/slack to advertise the hackathon?

@navidcy is it worth making a reply for those who will be joining remotely? To gauge some idea of numbers and so they don’t feel left out.

Nice to see you on board the forum @fabiobdias and welcome back!

I’ll email the Matt England group list now.

Planning to send another email to COSIMA-announce tomorrow.

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You’d expect that Sydney, the city of millions… even simply based on statistics one would expect that few more would be keen. :slight_smile:

@aidanheerdegen why do you have an ACCESS-NRI logo on your avatar? How do we get badges like that?

They’re called “flair” in discourse world, and requires the use of groups. I’d canvassed if we wanted to use these in the “staff” category for site admins, but I’ve moved that post to site feedback to make it visible and get some … well feedback


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Hi Ryan et al. Wondering if a certain level of permissions is required to assign yourself to a card / issue? Can a noob assign themselves?

You are about to get all the permissions at the repo!

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Thanks, @navidcy - THAT is some seriously quick service!

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Do we need to do this for everyone that’s signed up for the hackathon?

If we use the list view of the project board, I’ve added a text-only field for people to sign themselves up to tasks?

No we don’t. But I try to do it for anybody who might be contributing since it makes things smoother (they don’t have to fork the repo).

But anybody can contribute! And there will be a GitHub tutorial given by @angus-g explaining how you can fork and contribute to the repo!

Does that mean @angus-g will take care of How to contribute guide · Issue #189 · COSIMA/cosima-recipes · GitHub?

Don’t know if there is a registration, but I’d like to join from Hobart!


Like the post near the top that says Hobart to count you in for food! That’s the “registration”. We keep things simple in COSIMA.


look what I have gotten on my avatar!

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You must be one of the cool kids @navidcy

Hey, how do we create a new task under COSIMA Hackathon v2.0 👩🏽‍💻🧑🏻‍💻👩🏼‍💻 · GitHub ?

My good COSIMA resolution for the year is to try to implement a workflow to do models validations and inter comparisons using Pavel’s Enkf-C (GitHub - sakov/enkf-c: EnKF code for DA with large-scale layered geophysical models.).
I am half-way through for the coastal EMS model, but would like to make it more model agnostic (and COSIMA compatible first!).

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@CloLanglais create an issue at the COSIMA recipe repo and add the label “Hackathon v2.0” / add it into Project “Hackathon v2.0”

Less than 24hrs for Hackathon v2.0! The seconds are ticking!

We urge all of you who will join virtually or remotely to dress up! The theme is:

ocean :ocean::beach_umbrella: - finding Nemo :blowfish::tropical_fish: - "Under the sea":mermaid:t4:

We will give out a prize :trophy: for the “Most oceanic attire”. The prize will be an honourary title + you’ll get prioritize in your Pull Request review + potentially other GitHub-related honours we will think by tomorrow!

(Note to @Disney: it should be corrected to “Under the sea surface” since “under the sea” implies below the sea floor!)