COSIMA VII Workshop 2023

This year the COSIMA workshop will be held the same week as the ACCESS Community Workshop (note last year this was called the ACCESS-NRI Community Workshop). These two workshops will be held over the 4th-8th September 2023 in Canberra. Exact days for COSIMA are still being confirmed, but definitely Monday 4th and probably either Tuesday 5th or Thursday 7th, likely with a ACCESS-OM3 / MOM6 hackathon to be held on Friday 8th.

More details and calls for presentations/posters to follow, I just wanted to make sure that everyone has this in their calendars now.


We have final confirmation of the dates for the COSIMA and ACCESS workshops in September. The schedule for the week of 4-8 September, at ANU in Canberra, will be:

  • Monday 4th September, two events to choose from:
  1. MOM6/ACCESS-OM3 planning/hackathon day. This could include anything from planning the OM3 development pathway, training people to get involved in OM3 testing and validation, regional MOM6 model development meetings, continuing to update COSIMA recipes for MOM6 output etc). Please add suggestions for this day.
  2. ACCESS-NRI training day.
  • Tuesday/Wednesday, 5-6th September, ACCESS community workshop.

  • Thursday/Friday, 7-8th September, COSIMA workshop!