Would you come to a COSIMA hackathon at the July Canberra ocean workshop?

The Ocean Modelling and Observations Workshop will happen over 3 days, 2nd-4th July in Canberra.

If we hold an in-person COSIMA hackathon in Canberra, either the day before or day after the main workshop, would you join the hackathon? Please select all options that you would consider attending below.

  • Monday 1st July, full day hackathon
  • Monday 1st July, afternoon half-day hackathon
  • Friday 5th July, morning half-day hackathon
  • Friday 5th July, full day hackathon
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Possible hackathon tasks could include: updating COSIMA recipes (to work with MOM6 output, using the intake catalogue, new recipes etc) or validating the first output from ACCESS-OM3 test runs. Please add suggestions for any other possible tasks below.


Looks like we have a clear winner: Monday 1st July. Please put it in your calendars and book flights to arrive in Canberra for a 10am start! More details to follow shortly.


A task for Hackathon # 4:
Following the discussion here, implement more rigorous testing of the COSIMA recipes to catch silent failures / changes to answers due to conda updates.

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