Want more out of your ACCESS Working Group?

Over the past year, each of the six ACCESS Commmunity Working Groups have thrived from fruitful discussions and collaborations within the modelling community.

Going forward, ACCESS-NRI would appreciate any constructive feedback on how to better engage the modelling community and encourage more participation. These working groups are literally open to anyone - doesn’t matter if you are a user of ACCESS models (e.g. students, researchers, etc.) or a developer; a novice just starting out or an experienced user - everyone’s participation is welcome!

Please leave your feedback on how ACCESS Community Working Groups could better serve you and the modelling community as a whole, and how we can get more people engaged. We would also like to hear from those of you who are not attending Working Group meetings - don’t refrain from telling us why!
Any suggestions are welcome - just reply to this post!

For more information on how to join an ACCESS community Working Group, follow the instructions on the ACCESS-NRI website.

We ran a breakout on just this topic at the COSIMA meeting in September. Suggestions from the breakout are here.

A couple to highlight that NRI might be able to help with: ECR working group events, an ocean modelling course (for users to move beyond seeing models as a black box), automated model / obs evaluation scripts, making mdss less of a headache, better ways to communicate working group culture / ethics to new members.

@wghuneke who led the breakout may have more to add.

As far as I’m aware we haven’t acted on any of these yet.


Thanks for the feedback. The question came initially from a desire to increase the number of people engaging with Working Groups, and so was focussed on improving meeting attendance.

Your response included other more practical suggestions, which I think highlights what is important to the community, which is what can we get done?

Some of those suggestions are best done by the community with some logistical support from ACCESS-NRI (ECR working group events, Ocean Modelling Course), and others more of the work is done by ACCESS-NRI with community input (Automated model/obs evaluation, mdss integration). Something like communicating working group culture is probably a completely shared responsibility.

Regarding ECRs, that is definitely a group we seem to be missing at meetings. Particularly students. Do they not exist? Or do they think the meetings aren’t useful to them? Are they being encouraged to attend? Would it help to carve out some working group resources that ECRs have first call on?

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