What are the inputs ACCESS-OM needs to run?

In answer to @navidcy’s question on Slack:

What are the 10 inputs ACCESS-OM needs to run?

If you mean surface forcings, have a look at the namcouple file.

Also see diagram from here

There are 11 fields transferred from the atmosphere to CICE with JRA55-do v1.4, or 10 with v1.3, but the solid and liquid runoff are combined (in standard configs) so that’s effectively 10 in both cases.

Surface pressure is used in the surface fluxes routines in CICE to calculate the saturated vapour pressure. It is also passed from CICE to MOM, but we don’t show it here because MOM ignores it in the current configuration since use_full_patm_for_sea_level=false and max_ice_thickness=0.

Similarly, the sea surface slope vector is passed from MOM to CICE but is unused (use_ocnslope is false, so the sea surface slope is instead calculated from the sea surface velocity vector, assuming geostrophy) so is not shown here.

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