Wood thinning in ACCESS

Some plots from my first attempt at running this.

Vegetation pools

image image image

Litter pools

image image image

Harvest pools

image image image

The code seems to work.
Carbon is harvested from the vegetation pools and is put into the litter pools much like regular land use change.
The wood product pools (wood_harvest_n) decay over time except for the slowest pool with accumulates.

The problem seems to be that the thinning forcing data is not being used. The vegetation is harvested everywhere and a lot is being harvested (almost all of it).
The variable code in the restart file it’s supposed to use is 916. This is a spatially explicit fraction of harvested biomass. 0 means all wood is harvested and 1 means no wood is harvested. I suspect that this is initialized with 0s and then the UM somehow never passes the thinning data to CABLE. I’m not really familiar with the UM-CABLE interface code.

Maybe I’m injecting the thinning data into the wrong field in the restart file? I know it’s supposed to be 916 but there are several 916s in the restart file.

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