Utilising blank PFTs no. 12 and 13

Plant functional type numbers 12 and 13 in CABLE are unused. These PFT slots have the potential for experiments with unique vegetation types. For example, I’m interested in using these slots to copy an existing PFT and modify some of its parameters such as leaf reflectance or perhaps to create a vegetation type more representative of Australia’s semi-arid regions.

This post is to gather thoughts from the community on a procedure to implement this.


PFT parameter files

CABLE2 uses a different PFT parameter file than CABLE3, which uses a namelist file.
THe CASACNP parameter file is still a .csv file in CABLE3, however. These contain the PFT specific parameters to be modified.

filename%veg pft_params.nml
casafile%cnpbiome casafile%cnpbiome

Restart files

There are many fields in the UM restart file that are passed to CABLE.
Soil physical fields would probably need to be initialized with something realistic.
Anything else?

I will need to revise the work already done here, here, and here

PFT specific code

CABLE typically decides how to treat each PFT using iveg variable. For example,
for woody PFTs it might say if (iveg<5) then … If I want the new PFT to be woody can I simply set iveg(12)=1 to 4 in the restart file or elsewhere? or are there parts of the CABLE code where this wouldn’t work?

Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated. I might add a help tag to this post later once it’s clearer what needs to be done.