Land Surface Phenology

How updated Land Surface Phenology information included in CABLE and ACCESS-ESM

I would like to take your attention here:

Is land surface phenology metrics being consider as an input variable in ESM, ACCESS and CABLE?
If it is considered as an input, which products are you using ?
If not is there any way to put that valuable information in those system?

I am happy to have some comments on those questions. Thank you.

I am not sure which phenology metrics you asked about. CABLE does read monthly LAI from the gridinfo file and veg metrics from def_veg_params.txt.

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Hi Raja,

CABLE (at least some branches) has a subroutine casa_readphen that reads in MODIS-derived phenological stages (look for cable_user%phenology_switch). I have never tested it. By default it’s turned off and phenology is derived from climate information.


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Hi Mengyuan,

I am talking about the Start of Season (SoS), End of Season(EoS), Peak of Season(PoS) and Length of Season(LoS) expresed as Day of Year (DoY) derived using vegetation indices such as Enhanced Vegetation Indices(EVI), Normalized Difference Vegetation Indices(NDVI), Sun Induced Fluorescence(SIF).

Dear Juergen,

Thank you for highlight the dataset. I didn’t find the details. Can you share me some details about the datasets and phenological stages used in that model. I am happy to read some documents regarding the use of phenology metrics on it. How I can access thode data sets. Can you help me on this reagard?


Hi Raja,

welcome to the ACCESS-Hive Forum. I am not sure if anyone knows of any documentation about the way the phenology data is used in CABLE.
To access the data directly, you would need:

  • an account at NCI, i.e. find a project with compute resources you can join
  • join the cable project at NCI.

Since I am not sure this is an available option for you, I am attaching the data here:

Also, we have a Land Modelling Working Group that is open to anyone interested in land modelling in Australia. You are more than welcome to join us. You can find all the information about that group and how to join here.

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Dear Claire,

Thank you very much for your clearification. I will definitely join the land modelling group in Australia.