Atmosphere Working Group Announce 2023 (Archived)

Reminder: Atmosphere Working Group Meeting 30.11.2023

This is a reminder the next working group meeting will be held on 30.11.2023 at 11:30am 2023-11-30T00:30:00Z.

Connection details

Zoom: Launch meeting


  1. Admin:
    Volunteer for taking today’s meeting minutes to post here on the Forum.

  2. Compute and Storage: Overview (Claire Carouge) + discussion/questions.

  3. Aus2200: Update on ACCESS-NRI support (Andy Hogg)

  4. Science talk - AUS2200:
    Hooman Ayat “Comparing the fire weather dynamics during the high-impact bushfire events in Australia using high-resolution regional simulations” (15 + 5 mins)

  5. Working Group feedback Want more out of your ACCESS Working Group? (Heidi)

  6. Next Atmosphere WG meeting:
    Date TBC (early Feb 2024)

Additional information

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To receive a calendar invite subscribe to the Atmosphere Working Group calendar in your favourite calendar app by:

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Using the ACCESS Hive-forum

There are three short videos on the forum about using the forum:

  1. How to navigate the forum

  2. How to watch a topic to get updates

  3. How to create a topic

    There are also a number of other knowledge-based articles on using the forum.